STEM in Life Science – Challenge 2022

Date: 18/10/2022

Congratulations to S.6A Hydroponics TEAM A of Biology Department! This group of students wins the Champion of “STEM in Life Science – Challenge 2022” organized by Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Education Foundation Limited.

They have carried out a “long” project during Covid-19 last year from October, 2021 to August, 2022. They have investigated a lot of different factors on the growth of two types of lettuce, Romaine Lettuce and Red Lettuce. Finally, they chose to study the effect of different concentrations of nutrients on the growth of them. If you want to take a look at their findings and presentation, please go to the following link and watch their wonderful and interesting presentation and enjoy!!

They won a champion trophy, certificates and $15000.

The video:

The Champion Team consists of 6A Kathy Cheung, Jessica Chow, Fiona Fong and Tina Tam.

Advisor: Mrs. Cathy Chu

  • Hydroponics Team A won the Champion!!

  • All the winning Teams

  • Mr. Sam Chong (The organizer) and our students

  • Our Winning Team: Hydroponics TEAM A

  • These are some of their results: Romaine Lettuce and Red Lettuce using Hydroponics Aspara 1 and Aspara 3