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Interactive Teaching with ViSymulation

Date: 14/03/2024

In February 2024, the Biology Department has carried out a Lesson Study with Professor Joseph Y.K. Chan from the Department of Ophthalmology, HKU medicine, about the topic of the eye: ‘Do you see what they see?’. Professor Joseph Chan and his team used the ViSymulation mobile application to assist our biology teacher Ms. Cathy Lau to teach S.5 Biology group students about the eye structures and seven important eye-related diseases in a vivid and interactive way. Through this lesson study, Values Education was promoted as students were nurturing with ‘Empathy’ which is one of the twelve priority values and attitudes suggested by EDB.


In addition to learning medical knowledge about eye-related diseases, our students understood the importance of caring through a deeper understanding of the needs of the visually impaired people and knew how to provide support to them. This Lesson Study provided a chance of using innovative technology to support and enhance learning.

Teachers could develop creative ways to teach our students in an engaging way.


You can read more information about this learning activity through the following link by HKU Ophthalmology: