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Marine Biology Initiative II

Date: 06/05/2024

This year, we had three dissection workshops (14/3/2024, 11/4/2024 and 3/5/2024) related to Marine Biology Initiative II. We had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of marine creatures (bivalve, octopus and crab ) and gained a deeper understanding of their anatomy. Through this hands-on experience, we could see, touch and explore the various organs and structures of these marine organisms. We could learn both external and internal structures of them. We created some biological drawings of the their external structures, which allowed us to visually capture the key features. It was captivating to learn that the shape of the abdomen can help differentiate between the sexes of crabs.


In addition to practical skills of dissection, I also develop an appreciation of the complexity of organisms in a hands-on learning environment and in turn boost my passion to study biology.


One interesting observation we made was the striking visual differences between male and female organisms. Males have beautiful colors and patterns, while females typically lack vibrant colors due to the need for better protection of their offspring. Throughout the discoveries in these workshops, I learn that every trait and characteristic in nature, even those that seem to be only for appearance, serve a purpose. I am so amazed that there are great varieties of lifeforms and these contribute the biodiversity, which in turn is important for the processes that support all life on Earth.


3D 04 Osanna Chan