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PPVIC Ice-cream Day

Date: 14/05/2024

For the first time in forever PPVIC Ice-cream Day

On 14th May 2024, we had a wonderful experience of eating ice cream cones together in our Hall in the afternoon. This was an incredibly special moment that when we were entering the Hall, each of us could take an ice cream cone from one of the four flavors. Then we, almost 800 teachers and students, shared the happy moment to enjoy the delicious cones. We have our deepest thanks to our Principal, Mr. Leung, as he is very generous to make this event possible.

 In addition, we were also reminded of the importance of separation of waste into different bins i.e. plastic lid and paper cone were separately disposed into two different bags. Waste sorting allows us to reduce general waste output and identify items that can be reused and set aside items that can be recycled. Finally, it is also a moral imperative to be responsible for handling our waste to keep the environment clean and the earth healthy. 

With the ice cream cones, we enjoyed a ‘positive and meaningful’ musical - 「我們的青春日誌校園版. We are young and have dreams. We can try our best to pursue them despite some challenges ahead……