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S.4-5 Biology group Mai Po Field visit

Date: 22/12/2023

Today(22nd December, 2023) was such a freezing day in Mai Po! However, I was stunned by the beautiful sceneries of wetlands and mangroves. I would like to thank Mrs Chu and Mr Tse for conducting such an enjoyable field trip to Mai Po Nature Reserve and broadening our horizons!

We conducted a small project with presentation on six different species of mangroves. There were plenty of resident birds and migratory birds species to be seen too! Such as little egret(
小白鷺), great egret(大白鷺), black kite(麻鷹), northern pintail(針尾鴨) and marsh sandpiper(澤鷸). The binoculars helped us a lot on the inspection of the birds from the bird watching houses. We could see a group of grebe. They swam elegantly on the surface but should be paddling vigorously through water with their webbed feet- as our Principal Mr Leung has said before.  Unfortunately, mangrove habitats are currently threatened by water pollution, light pollution, rising of sea levels and oil spills. Therefore, it is high time for the protection of our mangroves. Add oil!!

We had a wonderful experience on that day!!


By Carol Chen 5A