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S5 Biology Field study on Freshwater Stream at Chuen Lung

Date: 19/04/2024

On 19th April, 2024, 53 S.5 Biology group students, 3 teachers and 1 laboratory technician went on a biology field trip to the Ho Koon Education cum Astronomical Centre, where we received a briefing before heading to our field site, Chuen Lung. We embarked on a walk along a freshwater stream and studied two locations along the way. We identified, counted and observed various types of freshwater species , such as water skater, mayfly nymph and dragonfly nymph. We also encountered a variety of aquatic organisms there, including fish and shrimp.


To our surprise, we also discovered a protected species , Hong Kong Newt during our exploration. Luckily, we could find 8 Hong Kong Newt babies. After examining their adaptive features, all organisms were released back into the nature.  We then returned to the Education centre, where we conducted numerous laboratory tests on water samples collected from the freshwater stream and consolidated our findings for the presentation. Finally, every group tried our best to share our findings and ideas through a pleasant presentation.


After this biology field trip, I have learnt about the diverse ecosystem present in the Chuen Lung, particularly the freshwater stream. We had the opportunity to identify and observe various types of organisms and  strengthened our understanding of the importance of how their adaptations related to the survival of them. Also, the discovery of Hong Kong Newt babies during our trip highlighted the importance of conservation and the need to preserve biodiversity. I realized that even “seemingly common” locations can be the home to unique and valuable organisms that contribute to the overall ecosystem. We were blessed that it was not raining in spite of the unstable weather condition. Overall, we could enjoy a wonderful field study lesson in the amazing nature.


5C 20 Winki Lok