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Science Team – School-based Gifted Development Programme

Date: 04/08/2023

Aim: To develop students to become more self-motivated learners with higher order thinking skills and stronger team spirit.

This year, eight workshops and one visit of SCIENCE TEAM have been carried out from June to August. 3 S.6 students took the role of SCIENCE TEAM tutors and 30 SCIENCE TEAM members (S.2-S.3 students) have participated in a series of systematic and meaning activities and experiences.

These activities and experiences allow members to acquire more scientific concepts, skills and attitude about DNA molecules, Biotechnology, Food science, interesting Chemistry experiments related to Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid), Force and motion, related to different domains of Science and technology. We had joined the AMGEN Biotech Experience workshop organised by CUHK and we conducted several interesting experiments such as DNA extraction from strawberries, serial dilution (1:100000), PCR and Gel Electrophoresis.

In the forensic science workshop, our students took up the roles of little detectives and biomedical researchers to help finding out who is the criminal of an offence case. In addition, SCIENCE TEAM members have the chance to make a telescope by themselves to practise their DIY skills. In Molecular gastronomy, they used techniques from chemistry and physics to craft edible creations. Our students also tried some skills to make cotton candy and wonderful sushi using the technique of Spherization.

Last but not least, we all have a campus tour to HKU guided by Ms Cathy Lau who is an alumni of the University of Hong Kong on 1st August, 2023. We have visited some heritage buildings of the University of Hong Kong such as the Main building – an Edwardian Baroque-style building constructed in 1910, May Hall and Eliot Hall- which were opened in 1914 and 1915. Then we also looked at the marvellous animal specimens of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum and understood the wonders of biodiversity. We were very happy to have a relaxing and fruitful visit at the University of Hong Kong.

All of us enjoy the experiments and are inspired by the new technology. The ‘Wonder and Beauty of science’ is also highly appreciated in the processes!

Special thanks to the dedicated SCIENCE TEAM Advisors : Ms Cathy Lau, Ms Salina Tsang, Ms Yvonne Yiu and Ms Teresa Poon