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Speech Day 2022

Date: 27/06/2022

The Annual Speech Day of Pope Paul VI College was held on 17th June 2022 at the School Hall. We were honoured to have Ms. Lai Miu Suet (a specialist in filmmaking and director) to officiate the event. Other guests of honour included our School Supervisor, Sr. Pessanha Alves Marinei; the School Sponsoring Body Managers, Sr. Erudhaya Dhas Sophia Rani and Mr. Paul Wong Yee Tin; the Missionary Sisters of The Immaculate - PIME Sisters Superior Delegate, Sr. Pamei Carmela Athanlu; the Independent Manager, Ms. Loretta Lau Wai Kar; the Parent Manager and Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms. Cherry So Siu Ha; the Alternate Parent Manager, Ms. Michelle Lui Yee Ling and the Chairperson of the Alumnae Association, Ms. Carol Chan Hiu Wai.


The ceremony commenced with an inspiring sharing by the Principal Mr. Leung Yee Ho, Genthew. As highlighted in our school’s major concerns, he stressed the importance of developing correct values and appreciating not only ourselves and others, but also nature. In terms of teaching and learning, our school aims to foster independent thinking by training students to take their own notes on a daily basis. The students who have developed good note-taking habits are invited to share their note-taking strategies with schoolmates, which is fruitful and rewarding. Besides our school’s major concerns, he shared a short story depicting a youngster’s intention of quitting sport in pursuit of a new passion. Reprimanded by her coach, she was asked to stay until she achieved brilliant performance in the tournament. Through the story, Mr. Leung encouraged the graduates to persevere with grit and willpower instead of giving up easily, be they protagonists or supporting characters in different life events. As the saying goes, life is like a drama. Despite unexpected events coming along in the journey of life, he encouraged our graduates to keep pursing their dreams. To show our graduates, parents and teachers how unique and teachable each student is, Mr. Leung prepared a gift of a white cobblestone for each F.6 girl. It is hoped that students will continue pursuing their dreams and being grateful to their mother school, their parents and the people walking with them.


The Guest of Honour, Ms. Lai Miu Suet presented the graduation certificates to our graduates. She then graced the evening by addressing the graduates and guests with words of inspiration. She encouraged them to appreciate the things around them and not to take everything for granted. She emphasized our ability to make the world better however dreadful it might seem to be when facing adversities. Besides this, she reminded our graduates that they are fortunate to study and graduate in their mother school. She wished our graduates full of blessings in their lives and every success in pursuit of their dreams.


The vote of thanks was then delivered by our Graduate Representative Natalie Yeung Oi Yi, who thanked the school for giving her and her schoolmates a holistic education which equipped them to become versatile individuals. Natalie’s sharing was followed by Time Capsule Ceremony. Each graduate has written a letter to herself to be opened at our school four years later, which is also the time our graduates have reunion with their teachers and schoolmates.


The Speech Day was concluded with the Passing-on-the-Light Ceremony. This time-honoured practice symbolized the passing on of traditions, dreams and virtues from our graduates to their younger sisters. 


Speech Day is a milestone in the life of every graduate as their six years of secondary school life has officially come to an end. It also symbolizes a new chapter of life. Wherever they go, and whatever they do, it is certain that they will never forget their Pope Paul identity and their sweet memories in our school. We wish them happiness and every success in the future.