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Speech Day 2022-2023

Date: 03/07/2023

The Annual Speech Day


The Annual Speech Day of Pope Paul VI College was held on 16th June, 2023. We were honoured to have Ms. Rosanna Law Shuk Pui, JP (The Commissioner of Transport) to officiate the event. Other guests of honour included our School Supervisor, Sr. Pessanha Alves Marinei; the School Sponsoring Body Managers, Sr. Theresa Pathickal and Sr. Erudhaya Dhas Sophia Rani; the Missionary Sisters of The Immaculate - PIME Sisters Superior Delegate, Sr. Pamei Carmela; the Alternate School Sponsoring Body Manager, Ms. Ho Ka Yan; the Alumni Manager, Ms. Yuen Piu Hing, Bibiana; the Parent Manager, Ms. Cherry So Siu Ha; the Alternate Parent Manager and Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms. Michelle Lui Yee Ling and the Chairperson of the Alumnae Association, Ms. Carol Chan Hiu Wai.


The commencement of the ceremony was marked by an inspiring speech by the Principal, Mr. Genthew Leung Yee Ho, who shared his observations on the emerging trend of e-learning and its capacity to provide new opportunities for students to cultivate self-management skills. Additionally, he discussed the school’s efforts to infuse music and arts into the school environment with the aim of enhancing a sense of belonging among students. In his speech, Mr. Leung also highlighted some of the remarkable achievements of students in debate, arts, and sports competitions, and he encouraged the graduates to continue to embrace his well-known maxim: “be calm on the surface, but always paddle like the dickens underneath.” To add to his remarks, he reminded the graduating class of the importance of sowing humble seeds of benevolence and love, underscoring that the impartial wisdom of God facilitates their growth. The Principal also extended his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the school’s success, including all staff, janitors, and social workers.


Ms. Rosanna Law Shuk Pui, JP, presented the graduation certificates to the F.6 graduates.  She then graced the evening by addressing the graduates and guests with words of inspiration. Commencing with a nostalgic recollection of her own experiences as a student at Pope Paul VI College, Ms. Law reflected on the support and guidance she received from her teachers and friends. She also shared her invaluable insights garnered from her experiences as a civil servant, inviting the graduates to embrace humility, reflectiveness, and a meticulous approach towards every step they take. Drawing from her own struggles in coordinating efforts in the implementation of the HKeToll, Ms. Law encouraged the graduates to face adversities with courage and humility in life. Finally, as the graduates prepare to navigate the world, Ms. Law motivated them to keep in mind the significance of the past six years spent at their alma mater and to take to heart the wisdom of God.


The vote of thanks was then delivered by our Graduate Representative, Crystal Lo. She thanked the school for providing an environment that enabled her and her peers to thrive, persevere, and cultivate gratitude, in accordance with the ethos of Popepaullians. The Speech Day concluded with the Passing-on-the-Light Ceremony, a time-honoured practice that symbolizes the passing on of traditions, dreams and virtues from the graduating cohort to their younger schoolmates.


It was an evening filled with reflections and joy for the graduates as they reunited with their teachers, classmates and friends. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the proud parents, family members and teachers, and especially to the stars of the day - our graduates. We wish them every happiness and success in all their further endeavours.