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STEAM TEAM Activities (2021-22)

Date: 01/08/2022

The eight workshops of STEAM TEAM have been carried out from June to July this year. 12 S.5 students took the role of STEAM TEAM tutors and 32 STEAM TEAM members (S.2-S.3 students) have learnt more scientific concepts and skills about DNA molecules, Biotechnology, Food science, Paper chromatography, Force and motion, related to different areas of Science and technology. We had joined the AMGEN Biotech Experience workshop organised by CUHK and we conducted several interesting experiments such as DNA extraction from strawberries, serial dilution (1:100000), PCR, Gel Electrophoresis. In the forensic science workshop, our students took up the roles of little detectives and biomedical researchers to help finding out who is the criminal of an offence case. The STEAM TEAM members also acted as little chemists to analyse the colourings on the chocolate beans by the modern chemical method -paper chromatography.They also studied the intermolecular forces of the colourings and solvents.

In addition, students have the chance to make a telescope by themselves to practise their DIY skills. Molecular gastronomy help them use techniques from chemistry and physics to craft edible creations. Our students also tried some skills to make cotton candy and wonderful sushi using the technique of Spherization.

All of us enjoyed the experiments and were inspired by the new technology. The ‘Wonder and Beauty of science’ is also highly appreciated in the processes!

Advisors : Mrs Cathy Chu, Ms Salina Tsang, Ms Yvonne Yiu, Ms Teresa Poon