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  • The Third Staff Development Day 02/03/2021

The Third Staff Development Day 02/03/2021

Date: 19/03/2021

Briefing Session

The Third Staff Development Day was successfully held on 2nd March, 2021. The topic was “How to make online lessons more interactive”. Our Principal, Mr. Genthew Leung, first gave an introduction to all teachers. Then, guest speakers of different Key Learning Areas from various schools were invited to share their experience of using interesting e-tools in their online lessons. We all had a very fruitful afternoon inspired by their ideas.

Chinese Language Education

Mr. Pang and Ms. Poon from Caritas Fanling Chan Chun Ha Secondary School had shared the elearning development, e-learning tools and their teaching pedagogies in their school. Tools such as Quizizz, Nearpod and Edpuzzle were introduced to enhance students’ self-learning and interactivity in online lessons. In addition, some productive tools such as Google Keep and Go formative were demonstrated to facilitate teachers’ work in preparing electronic teaching materials.

English Language Education

Mrs. Winnie Poon from Sacred Heart Canossian College shared how she used Nearpod to increase interaction between students and teachers. She introduced some interactive functions such as immediate responses from students after questions asked, drawing and filling-in-the-blank exercises to check for students’ understanding of showing and telling stories. She also pointed out the use of the collaborative board to collect comments and answers when asking high-order thinking questions. The e-pedagogies introduced by Mrs Poon offered a new insight into the design of more interactive online lessons.

Mathematics Education

Mr. Jackson Yau from Sacred Heart Canossian College shared various interactive teaching and learning tools that could raise students’ interest in mathematics lessons. At first, he demonstrated different functions of Desmos, while teachers acted as students completing some tasks. Meanwhile, he also explained how this software could be well-implemented in specific topics. He emphasized that students could learn from each other and strengthen self-directed learning skills. Furthermore, he shared some teaching materials designed with Google Sheet and Apple Numbers for topics related to graphs. He also briefly introduced other useful apps such as GeoGebra, Socrative, Protractor and Euclidea. Mr. Yau is experienced in e-learning. His sharing was inspiring and encouraged teachers to design interactive online lessons with different e-tools.

Liberal Studies | Personal, Social & Humanities Education

Mr. Kelvin Cheung from Maryknoll Secondary School had introduced the implementation of flipped classrooms in PSHE subjects like Religious Studies and Liberal Studies, combined with a variety of teaching modes, such as Virtual Reality and interacting with mobile computer devices to promote students’ deep learning. Meanwhile, some interactive elearning pedagogies in teaching social issues by using e-learning tools such as Edpuzzle and Nearpod were introduced with some hands-on practice. Besides, Mr. Cheung had provided some insights into online class management and submission of online assignments and demonstrated the importance of the teaching of information literacy in his sharing.

Science Education | Technology Education

Ms. Rachel Chan from Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College gave teachers an interesting and interactive sharing on various useful elearning tools to facilitate e-pedagogies in different subjects of Science Education and Technology Education. Class Dojo, Edpuzzle, Co-spaces, Nearpod, Socrative, EduVenture and Seppo were highlighted in the sharing session. She demonstrated how the tools could be used in her lessons. Finally, Ms Chan also gave teachers suggestions and feedback after their ideas and views on elearning were posted on Padlet. After all, her sharing stimulated teachers to learn and use these useful tools more often in their lessons.

Arts Education | Physical Education

Ms. Pang shared the use of the electronic white board. She mentioned that all classrooms were equipped with an electronic white board, funded by QE Fund, this year. She also shared the use of Edpuzzle in her teaching. Topic like arts appreciation can be conducted online with the help of Edpuzzle. She provided more opportunities for them to participate by asking them questions frequently in the lessons. She also required them to upload learning notes after each lesson.

Mr. Chong shared the use of iMovie to provide more collaboration opportunities during the suspension of the lessons. He also shared the use of Procreate to demonstrate the art making process in the VA lessons.