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A Visit to the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Date: 15/04/2024

On March 18, 2024, 120 Secondary Four students visited the Hong Kong Palace Museum as a cross-KLA activity between Citizenship and Social Development (CSD), Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE) and English Language Education (ELE). The visit was an invaluable experience aimed at enhancing students’ national identity, fostering a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage, and promoting self-directed learning.


Walking through various galleries, featuring over 900 of the finest treasures such as paintings, architectural models as well as Chinese ceramics from the Palace Museum in Beijing, participants were afforded a glimpse of the majestic splendour of the Forbidden City. By immersing themselves in the rich history and cultural heritage of China, not only have our students increased their interest in and knowledge of Chinese culture, fine art and history, but they have also established a tangible connection to their cultural roots.


The cross-KLA visit to the Hong Kong Palace Museum also contributed to the development of students English language skills. Through engaging with museum exhibits, students expanded their vocabulary and practiced expressing their thoughts and opinions in English. Moreover, the exposure to different aspects of Chinese culture enhanced their cultural competence and ability to communicate across cultural boundaries.


Overall, the visit proved to be a valuable educational experience for our students. They have learned to value and respect the traditions, customs, and artistic expressions that have shaped Chinese society, fostering a sense of pride and nurturing their appreciation for the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and heritage.